Will your custody plan stand the test of time?

As a parent, one of your goals during the divorce process is to protect the interests of your children above all else. It’s not always easy to do this as ending a marriage is a legally complex and emotionally difficult step to take. However, for the sake of your kids, you and the other parent may agree to settle your custody issues out of court.

One benefit to crafting your own custody and parenting plan is that you will retain control over how this will work after your divorce is final. No one knows your kids and their needs like you do, which is why many California parents want to keep important parenting and custody issues out of the courtroom. If this is your preferred approach to a parenting plan, you will want to make sure that you use terms that work for your family long-term.

The plan that works best

There are many things to consider as you craft a parenting plan that will work for your family. What is best for the children? Do you or the other parent have a nontraditional work schedule? Do your kids have any special medical needs? These are all factors that could impact how your custody plan will work. Divorce is painful, but there is significant benefit in setting aside your own temporary and difficult emotions to focus on what is most practical for your kids.

The more thorough your parenting plan is, the better. When you have a detailed custody order, there is less room for confusion and disagreements between parents. Some of the specific things you may want to address in your plan include:

  • Drop-off procedures and schedule for switching kids between homes
  • Access to extended family members, including grandparents
  • Ability and authority to make decisions for the children
  • Holiday visitation, summer vacations and family trips
  • What parents will do when a dispute or unexpected situation arises

You have the right and ability to create a plan that uniquely suits your family’s needs, objectives and schedules.

Protecting your children and your rights

It is possible to reach a beneficial conclusion while also protecting your parental rights and the best interests of your children. It is easier to accomplish this when you have the guidance of an experienced family law attorney.

Before you move forward with any important decisions, you will find it beneficial to discuss your situation with a legal ally who has your interests in mind. It is helpful to have the right guidance when making such important choices for your family.