Three tips to make dating easier after divorce

The dating scene is constantly changing. Between apps like Tinder and Bumble, most people are hitting the local bars to meet new people or potential partners. Instead, they are swiping right on the most attractive person in their area.

The new dating scene makes it difficult for divorcees to find meaningful connections and move on from their past relationship. Luckily, there are ways to navigate the online dating world and meet someone who will make you happier.

Go slow if you want to

It’s very easy to get excited and jump headfirst into dating after a lengthy divorce. Before you jump into someone else’s bed, consider how quickly you want to go. You may find that proceeding into a new relationship too fast will hurt you and your potential partner.

Instead, evaluate a plan for how you proceed after dates. Start with coffee, move onto dinners and possibly hold off on anything too intimate until you’re emotionally ready. It will make dating easier for you and any love interests.

Start on dating apps with a friend

If you never set up an online portfolio, it seems pretty daunting to summarize yourself in 130 characters. Instead of tackling your Tinder bio alone, ask a friend to help you or join the app together. Not only does it make the experience less stressful, but it also allows you to have fun and be playful well exploring all the potential matches in your area.

Avoid social media investigations on your date

It’s always tempting to check out a date on Facebook or Instagram before hitting the restaurant. You could easily find a bunch of information about them from their favorite food to their ex. But is that a smart idea?

Not only is it weird behavior, but it also isn’t practical for your date. It may give you a false perception of the person or misleading information. For example, they may love outdoors but never post about it on their Twitter feed.

When it comes to online dating, your best bet is to approach it with common sense. Use your past relationship experiences to help navigate the scene and find the right person for you. You may get lucky and find your next partner in life.