Overcoming the negative feelings of divorce

For California residents experiencing a divorce, overcoming the negative feelings and sadness that are often a part of the process is important. The period of divorce can be a dark time in a person’s life, but there are healthy ways to deal with these feelings while getting ready for a new path in life.

Divorce can be a learning experience. Because the dissolution of a marriage and the mourning period after can be long, the process can be a time to learn to be patient with the way life works. This time is also a good moment to learn to accept that life is full of uncertainties and that these can often become opportunities to try new things, meet new people and take a new path in life. It can be time to reflect on priorities and choose the ones that mean the most. Planning for the future, thinking about goals and reviewing finances can all be part of the learning process.

In addition, individuals need to remember that this is not the period in life to tackle alone. During the breakup, family and friends can be a great support system. They can be good listeners and offer their love. A therapist or psychologist can be part of the support system with their professional knowledge and experience of helping people in tough situations. Choosing a healthy approach to divorce can also mean choosing to stay physically healthy by exercising regularly and taking care of the body.

Another part of a person’s support system might be a lawyer with family law experience. The lawyer may help their client by explaining how state laws and processes work and by representing their client during negotiations with their ex and in court appearances.