Five details to look for while searching for daycare

Being a single parent is challenging, especially if you previously shared parenting duties with a former spouse. You have to transition from sharing daily tasks to making every decision for your child. It’s stressful and usually overwhelming.

One of the most significant decisions to make after a child custody case is choosing a daycare. Most divorced parents need a daycare to maintain their jobs and provide proper care for their kids, but how do you choose the right place?

What to look for in child care

While searching, it’s easy to analyze every detail to find the perfect place for your child. However, there are five major aspects every parent should look for in a daycare:

  1. Engagement – A proper child care provider actively interacts with the children. They will get down on the ground and play with toys with the kids. Or they will hold babies and rock them to sleep. Children need engagement to connect with their providers and develop typical social cues.
  2. Training – Most parents make sure there is a proper safety policy in place. However, you need to know there is adequate training for all the staff members in the daycare in the case of a medical emergency. Ask about CPR, First Aid and other qualifications while checking out a daycare.
  3. Communication – It’s crucial to know how a caregiver interacts with parents and children. Plan a day where you observe the daycare and see how the staff speaks with the children. See their discipline techniques and casual conversations. It gives more insight into what your child would experience every day.
  4. Positive references – Many people rely on referrals for most tasks, such as home renovations, haircuts, etc. But parents depend on references even more due to the importance of proper care for their children. Look online for daycare reviews or recommendations from local parents. You might find a surprising option.
  5. Licensing – One detail most parents miss is licensing. Many daycares do not have any accreditation or licensing, so consider if having a license is a deal breaker for you. It may indict the seriousness of the caregiver’s business.

There are so many options available in California, but there are only a few daycares that will work within your schedule, budget and child’s interests. Take your time to evaluate what caregiver is the right option for your family and other opportunities for child care – such as school programs, nannies and relatives.