Fathers Rights – Contested Custody

Women and Men have equal rights. While there may be a perception that women have the upper hand, it is important, as a father, that you pursue equal justice for your rights. You are entitled to a relationship with your children. There is nothing more important for you and your children than your relationship with them.

We understand that you are going through a difficult time and it can be frustrating to manage any family law matter. We also understand that many times fathers can be treated unfairly and are often denied equal preference with their children’s mother.

We focus on the complete picture of the relationship between the father and child. A father’s influence and role in their child’s life is essential. It is important that each father knows that his rights provide the best legal avenue available for him to play a significant role in his child’s life by getting the shared custody time they deserve.

If you are involved in a divorce, legal separation, custody dispute, paternity action, post judgment dispute or need assistance with child support or spousal support, we can provide you with the help you need to protect your rights as a father. We give personal attention to your case, work to ensure your rights are fully pursued and protected. We fight for you and your children’s best interests before the Court.

We believe in fathers’ rights. The process can be overwhelming, but we can provide you with the knowledgeable and experienced legal representation you deserve.