Divorce: a complex road paved with legal requirements

In California and elsewhere, divorce is on the minds of many couples. While a couple without many assets can often get a simple divorce, those with numerous assets may face complexities. From filling out and submitting divorce documents to dividing up real estate holdings, complicated divorces may proceed more smoothly with the help of a family law attorney. In addition, a final divorce decree is not the end of a cycle requiring many legal changes, including registering accounts as single individuals.

When people first file legal documents to get divorced, they do not typically think about all the changes they will need to perform. If the wife reverts her last name back to her maiden name, she will need to apply for a new driver’s license and Social Security card reflecting the name change. If her health insurance policy was previously covered by her former husband’s employer, she will need to find a new policy registered under her name as a single person.

Another thing people going through a divorce may not think about is changing the passwords on various accounts. Once a couple gets divorced, neither person wants his or her former spouse looking up information in his or her accounts. With online access to investment and savings accounts, it is an unreasonable option to share passwords after getting divorced. Divorce is tricky, which is one reason why contacting a family law attorney may help.

Any couple going through a divorce may want to consult with a divorce lawyer before filing any legal documents. The same general advice applies to the actual divorce process and the period after receiving the final decree. If either person has any doubts about the proper division of assets, speaking with a divorce attorney may help resolve important issues.