Certain personality types more likely to get divorced

California couples want to believe their marriages will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, experts say that people with certain personality types are more likely to end up getting divorced than others.

For example, people who tend to make a big deal out of little things can overreact and file for divorce over seemingly minor issues. In fact, some divorce attorneys report that people who “catastrophize” harmless events have been known to file divorce papers multiple times before realizing they’re taking things too far and dismissing the case. Meanwhile, individuals who are excessively giving to their partners can also inadvertently cause their marriage to break down. While having a giving nature might appear to be a positive thing, it can become problematic if the giving person refuses to accept any care from his or her partner in reverse, making the relationship unequal.

According to some observers, people who avoid arguments are also more likely to get divorced. Healthy marriages require good communication, and spouses who refuse to resolve conflicts don’t let their relationships grow or move forward, making divorce more likely. Other personality types that have trouble staying married include narcissists, people with fragile egos and people who are selfish. Partners who exhibit these traits can harm their relationships over time, which could cause their marriages to disintegrate.

California residents who are facing the end of their marriage might wish to contact a family law attorney as quickly as possible. There are a variety of divorce legal issues that will have to be addressed, and an attorney might in many circumstances be able to assist with negotiating a comprehensive settlement agreement that addresses them.