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Lisa Hassett, Attorney and Principal

Attorney Lisa Hassett, practicing exclusively in the area of family law since 1999, focuses upon both mediation and litigation as a means of resolving family law and divorce issues. Unlike attorneys whose experience revolves only around mediation, Ms. Hassett has extensive knowledge of litigation of family law issues as well. As someone who understands all of your legal options, she can provide objective advice concerning your legal matter.

Derek Vosskuhler, Of Counsel

Derek B. Vosskuhler has been practicing in all areas of family law exclusively since being admitted to the California Bar in 1997. Mr. Vosskuhler became a Certified Family Law Specialist in 2005. In 2007 he became a partner in the firm McArdle & Vosskuhler, PC.

Mr. Vosskuhler has a wealth of experience in the courtrooms throughout Southern California. He brings that experience to each client he represents and understands how important it is to have not only an aggressive and zealous attorney representing you in and out of the courtroom, but also an attorney who is caring and compassionate. As a father of two, he understands the relationship between parent and child and how important that bond is and how important it is to fight to maintain it. Mr. Vosskuhler’s experience spans all areas of divorce and family law.

Hassett Family Law

Hassett Family Law, PC, is located in Del Mar, California. To learn more about our practice or to set up an initial FREE consultation, please contact our firm by calling 858-353-8853.

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